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The oil painting “Summertime” (oil on canvas, 140 x 100 cm, 2016) I have 2017 >> HERE summer art blog introduced before in an image viewing. The reference photo was taken by friends on a trip through Laos. I would like to come back to it today and once again introduce you to the emotional realism that I recognized with this picture as a decisive motivation for me in my art and which I thus established. Because this approach opens up a new perspective on realistic art


First, take a closer look at the two initially contradicting terms:

  • The Duden describes “emotion” as “psychological excitement, emotional movement; Feeling, emotion ”. Emotions are primarily subjective, even if, of course, you can feel exactly the same way as someone else in a certain situation. But someone else can feel something completely different in the same situation.
  • According to the Duden, “reality” is “1. Reality; 2. Real way of being; 3. actual givenness, fact ”. Thus, reality in its pure form is not negotiable, but always the same, regardless of the eye of the viewer. (Note: In its pure form, I refer to the opposite of what is going around nowadays as “alternative facts”. I would like to clearly differentiate the term “reality” from a political use and rather consider the philosophical approach.)

Realism meets emotion

Nobody will deny that art or viewing art arouses emotions. For me, this process begins when I see a reference photo that touches me emotionally in such a way that I really want to paint it. The photo initially depicts a section of reality. However, what it triggers in me is very subjective. As a rule, it is positive emotions that trigger me to want to paint the subject. Sometimes these emotions do not correspond 100% to what can be seen in real life in the reference photo. With the picture “Summertime” I “only” interpreted the boy’s gaze in such a way that he looks directly at the viewer. The coloring in the oil painting is also much more intense than in the reference photo. I don’t have to edit the reference photo with Photoshop first, I can see what I feel and what I want to paint in my mind’s eye. In the end, the finished picture usually looks “like a photo” again. However, it shows my emotionally perceived own reality.


Vacation time is offer time

I make you the offer to discover your own emotional reality. Perhaps, for example, you experienced a scenario on your vacation that triggers you so much that you want to let your feelings perpetuate. Perhaps this only happens when you sort your vacation photos afterwards and are transported back to a special moment while looking at a certain photo. I offer you to discuss your favorite photo from your vacation. Together we will find out what exactly makes this photo so special for you. And if it is right for you, you can also use this photo to commission me a painting that is unique to your experience. For more detailed information, please use this>> Contact form and tell me your email address and phone number.

!! Important disclaimer !!

So that the painting of a picture is also consistent for me, I reject some reference photos as commissioned work. Sometimes this has something to do with the quality of the photo. But sometimes I just can’t empathize with the subject myself. Then I cannot keep my promise to you either. Photos that show people have a high probability of acceptance, since I specialize in portrait work. Pure landscape photos, on the other hand, do not come into consideration as a painting motif for me.

Nina Davis

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