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Strange language

Since my earliest childhood, I found everything to do with written or spoken language somehow “strange”. It seemed to me that reading a text was taking too long. Over the years I found that the linearity of the linguistic signs was difficult for me. I was kind of disappointed that you couldn’t see a text at a glance. As a teenager and young adult, I used “words” very creatively to express myself.

 50 X 50 cm, mixed media

Text becomes exotic text

Since 2008 I have been dealing with the relationship between text and image in my artistic work. I use various mixed techniques. The medium of text gives verbal / written language an upgrade in that it can also be perceived as a snapshot and thus exceeds the limits of linearity. I don’t mean to say that the text that becomes an image on the canvas can be grasped “immediately” – rather the text becomes an exotic text and one can also “feel” it, regardless of its previous / original linearity.

Conversely, when the text generates a visual composition, it is emphasized again by the image. In this way the text becomes exotic. The relationship between text and image is doubled or even multiplied by it. I intertwine the abstract image as a symbolic emotion with the exotic text and thus want to shape reality and change the material world.

The magic seal in my pictures even expands the exotic text and includes words with meaning even beyond any kind of linearity and even beyond our limits of time. The magic seal thus refers to words that are transferred in pictures (like a monogram – see chaos magic).

 9 x 20 X 50 cm, mixed media on canvas,

Where do I get my inspiration from?

I have always believed in the power and strength of the subconscious and have found this partially confirmed or rediscovered. The belief that I am working with the universe sometimes needs to be backed up by real evidence in my life. In addition, I have always been committed to needy animals since early childhood and wanted them around me because their love is so valuable to my heart and I simply admire their beauty. I actually wanted to become a veterinarian, but then things turned out differently. In the meantime I have been working on canvases and have discovered a new synchronicity in myself by referring to animals that have come into my life, or even working with them.

My bitch Câine

 50 x 50 cm, mixed media on canvas

How did it all start? How did my latest and most profound works come about? I had an experience in autumn 2016 that changed my life. One of our bitches, Câine, was suddenly paralyzed and on the verge of dying. There was no longer any hope. I didn’t know that much about non-verbal animal communication back then. But I just wanted to try it out because it was our last hope. It turned out to be absolutely the right decision. Câine recovered (even though she now needs a dog wheelchair), became my animal teacher and is now the proud owner of some “abstract portraits”. I then continued to teach myself non-verbal animal communication in an autodidactic manner and thus discovered a new way

Câine is the Romanian word for dog. She already had this name (perhaps originally meant as a joke) when she came to me and shared herself with me in a shamanic way. She was meant to be my animal sister and teacher. You can read more about Câine’s story >> >> here on the website of Tanja Budnick – an expert in non-verbal animal communication:

Magic in my art

ANIMAL, mixed media on canvas

I like to refer to the occult in my art and create reality with magic on canvas. I deal with animal communication or telepathic communication with animals and describe otherworldly spheres. The joy of nature is always deep inside me. I am concerned with the beauty of this different worldview that is generally not recognized in our society. The whole time I have this strong and incredibly beautiful desire to cross the boundaries of our linear language and existence. To get a glimpse of the other side,

The canvas as a hologram | Magic | Eclectic | Intuition | The unspeakable | There must be more


Disturbing Language

Since early childhood I have always felt that there is something “disturbing” related to the written / spoken language. The feeling was that it was taking too long to perceive a text. As the years went by, I realized that what was bothering me was the linearity of the linguistic sign. The lack of an instantaneous perception of a text grew into a sort of disappointment. However, as a teenager and young adult I was expressing myself creatively via “words”.

 50 X 50 cm, mixed media on canvas

Text Becomes Exotext

Starting with 2008 I approached the relationship between text and image via mixed media. Sometimes I work with text. Through the medium of this approach, I am upgrading the verbal / written language providing it with a snapshot perceiving, beyond the borders of linearity. By this I don’t mean the fact that working as an imagine on the canvas the text is “immediate” – but the text itself becomes afterwards an exotext, with the attribute that it can be “felt” regardless of it’s previous / original linearity .

If the text is generating the visual composition, at the same time, the image would reinforce it. Thus, the text becomes an exotic text. Subsequently, the relationships go plural and beyond. I interwave the abstract image meant as a symbol-emotion with the exotext in a natural growth embracing the intention to shape reality, to bring change in the material world.

More powerful, the Sigil works as an “upgraded” exotic text, meaning words beyond any linearity, beyond the borders of time. The Sigil means words translated into images (a kind of monogram – chaos magic).

 20 X 50 cm X 9 pieces, mixed media on canvas

What inspires me?

I have always believed in the strength and power of the subconscious and (re) discovered it at times. The belief that I work with the Universe in order to shape often acquires evidence in my life. Also from early childhood I have always wanted to be helpful for the animals in need, to be around them because their love is so precious to my heart and I dearly admire their beauty. Actually, my desire was to become a veterinarian, but things turned out a bit different. Today, me and my husband run a small family shelter for abused and abandoned animals. And also today, a new synchronicity has found its place in my existence, since I am now able to work on canvas about and with the animals who arrive in my life.

My Dog Câine

 50 x 50 CM, mixed media on canvas

How did it start? How did start the newest and more profound stage of my works? In the fall of 2016, I had a life altering experience. One of our dogs, Câine, paralyzed and was about to pass away. There was zero hope for returning. At that time I knew little about animal talk, but wanted to give it a try, since it was our last hope. It has been shown that it has been the best decision possible. Câine has recovered (is walking now with a rolli), became my animal teacher and is today the proud owner of a couple of “abstract portraits”. I started self learning animal talk myself. Thus, I discovered a new way to transcend the borders of the linear communication, inasmuch as the animal talk is immediate.

Câine is the Romanian for dog. She came in my life with this name given by others (maybe as a joke) and revealed it to me in a core shamanic way: it was meant to be that she reveals herself as my animal sister and teacher. More about Câine’s story you can find >> here Tanja Budnick’s website – an expert on non-verbal animal communication.

Magic In My Art

80 X 80 cm, mixed media on canvas

I enjoy working with references from the occult and shaping reality through magic on canvas; I explore the animal talk / telepathic communication with animals and describe journeys to otherworldly realms; the joy of nature is always in my inner self; I reach out to the beauty of this different way to perceive life, which has been silenced by society most often. All the time there is a powerful and amazingly beautiful desire to transcend the limitations of our linear language and existence. To get a glimpse of the other / another side.

Nina Davis

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