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What Should You Look For in a Saltwater Trolling Motor? A Guide

There are many things to consider when buying a saltwater trolling motor. The length of the shaft, the number of gears, and the price should all play a part in determining the right motor for your boat. The following article will provide tips to help you make the best decision. Read the full article to learn more about the different types of saltwater trolling engines, and what to look for in a saltwater trolling motor. Thrust is one of the most important features to look for in a trolling motor saltwater. In pound terms, thrust refers to the weight of the motor. This gives you a good idea of how well it performs. The more weight the boat has, the more thrust it will need to move it. Therefore, when choosing a motor, take into account the weight of your boat. For every 100 lbs of boat, multiply the weight of the motor by two. The size of the hull also plays an important role in the thrust. A Deep hull will have more drag when turning compared. In contrast, a pontoon boat will have less drag, but will be harder to maneuver in a breeze. As a result, you should opt for a transom mount. If you use a bow mount saltwater trolling motor, be sure to check the manufacturer’s recommendations. GPS capability is an essential feature. It allows the motor to communicate with other gadgets. Bluetooth connectivity means that it can share data wirelessly with other devices. This gives you peace of mind and convenience when tackling problems. If you’re having trouble finding a particular feature, try the Bluetooth feature. If a particular function isn’t available, try switching the motor to a different model to avoid any problems. The motor’s size should be appropriate for the size of your vessel. A self-directed model will follow the shoreline and depth contours of water. The manual version is more common, but the manual version will allow you to manually control the motor. A self-directed model will follow your directions. A foot-controlled model will be easier to control. Both types of motors should be waterproof. Propeller pitch is an important consideration. The pitch of the propeller is a measure of how far the propeller reaches the water after one revolution. A high-pitch motor will be more efficient than a low-pitch model. Its lower pitch will reduce the amount of noise your motor makes, but will also have a higher top speed. Ultimately, your choice will depend on the specific purpose of your saltwater trolling motor. The propeller is an important factor. Propeller pitch is the distance of the propeller after a complete revolution. More pitch means more speed, but more pitch also reduces top speed. A low-pitch model will cut through the water more efficiently but will have lower top speed. A motor with lower pitch will be more efficient than one with a higher pitch. Choose a motor that has an adequate battery bank capacity. When choosing a motor, consider the size and weight of the vessel. A saltwater trolling motor with a large diameter should be suitable for the size of your vessel. A motor with a long shaft will have a lower thrust than a smaller one, so it is important to consider this when purchasing. A small boat should be able to handle a larger diameter. The motorhead is another important factor. A good motor will allow you to control the speed and direction of the boat. However, if you’re not familiar with using a saltwater trolling-motor, a remote-control model may be better for you. The best trolling motors will be easy to use and control. In addition, they should be durable and offer a warranty.

Reasons It’s Great To Work In Manufacturing Industries

The manufacturing industry is a wonderful place to be if you are an engineer. This industry is constantly evolving and using the latest technologies to increase productivity. This is an excellent field for those who enjoy working on new projects and experimenting with new ideas. You’ll always find new things to discover and be able to talk about these with friends and family. As a result, there are many reasons to work in the Mexico Manufacturing Industries. A career in manufacturing is an exciting one. The field is very diverse, offering opportunities in fields like aerospace, agricultural, pharmaceuticals, robotics, and telecommunications. It’s also a good way to earn a living and contribute to society. Another benefit of a career in manufacturing is the opportunity to work as a team, which means that you will have a better chance of advancing in your role.The manufacturing industry is a vital part of the economy of many communities and states. With an increasing demand for products, manufacturing orders boost the economy and jobs. A growing manufacturing sector has made American workers and communities better off. Because of the diversity and innovative nature of the field, manufacturing workers are a great asset to the economy. You’ll be rewarded with great benefits and security, which are important for your happiness. A career in the manufacturing industry is rewarding for people at any stage of their lives. The opportunities are endless, and many companies prefer to promote from within. As such, you might start as an entry-level position and move up as your skills and experience grow. Eventually, you may want to move on to other roles within the same company. If you’re already an experienced worker, a manufacturing industry job is perfect for you. While manufacturing jobs are not monotonous, they’re very rewarding. You’ll learn a lot while working and will be able to advance at a rapid pace. Furthermore, the industry is constantly changing, and this means that jobs in manufacturing are not stagnant. This is an excellent time to pursue a career in this field. In addition to its benefits, the benefits of working in the manufacturing industry are very good. A career in manufacturing industries offers many opportunities. You can choose from a variety of positions in the manufacturing industry. There are jobs in agriculture, aerospace, robotics, telecommunications, and even robotics. A job in this industry is an excellent choice if you are looking for a career with a wide range of possibilities. The manufacturing industry is a diverse and highly rewarding field to work in. The manufacturing industry is a diverse industry with many different fields of specialization. Some manufacturing jobs are in the aerospace industry, while others are in the pharmaceutical industry. All types of people can get involved in this type of work, and the opportunities are endless. In addition to being a great place to work, there are other benefits to manufacturing careers. The health benefits are one of the best reasons to join a manufacturing career. In addition to its variety of opportunities, the manufacturing industry has an attractive job market for those looking for a career with a high level of satisfaction. You don’t need to have years of experience to be successful in manufacturing, and many manufacturing jobs require no previous experience. You can easily learn the intricacies of the industry while enjoying the flexibility and freedom of working in a factory. In addition to these, you can even find a great opportunity to work in the production line. The manufacturing industry is also the backbone of the country. There are many organizations that are hiring now, and while it may be tempting to take an entry-level position, it is important to keep in mind that you won’t be stuck there for the rest of your life. There are many companies and organizations that offer different development plans, and you can start working in an entry-level position and build up your experience.


Hiring a Locksmith Windsor is an important part of any property maintenance program. The right service provider will not only be affordable, but also reliable. You need to do some research before choosing a company. Here are 6 tips to help you find a great commercial locksmith. Make sure the company has a solid web presence. Read online reviews to determine how satisfied past clients are. Get recommendations from people who have used a commercial locksmith. This will ensure that you hire a professional who understands your needs. You can also get references from people who have used a particular locksmith. This way, you can trust their recommendation. You’ll also know if the service you choose is good. The best companies have a long list of satisfied customers.Do some research before hiring a commercial locksmith. Review online reviews, ask friends and family for recommendations, and ask them to give you a price quote. Always verify prices before signing a document. Once you’ve chosen a commercial locksmith, you need to make sure you’ve saved their contact information. If the price seems too low, you’ll need to call back another time. Ensure that the locksmith is licensed in the state in which you live. If the locksmith is unlicensed, it may be a red flag. Additionally, don’t let the locksmith give you a quote before you’ve met him. This is one of the most important tips to hire a reliable commercial locksmith. The last tip is to make sure that the locksmith is trustworthy. Remember, a good locksmith can guarantee that your property is safe. During an emergency, a reliable locksmith should be available to provide emergency services at all hours of the day. A good commercial locksmith should be able to fix any type of lock, including door locks, and windows. While the process may seem complicated, the tips below will help you find the right service. Hopefully, you will have a positive experience with your new commercial locksmith! Before hiring a locksmith, make sure you do your homework. During an emergency, you should be able to find a locksmith whose work matches your needs. Do not hire a commercial locksmith who won’t be able to provide the quality of service you need. It’s also a good idea to look for a locksmith who is insured. Keep the contact information of a reliable locksmith handy. Your locksmith must be able to provide you with a copy of his or her license. In certain states, you can ask for a locksmith to provide proof of licensing. You should never sign a blank document with a commercial locksmith. When hiring a commercial locksmith, pay close attention to how they behave. Do not hire a quick-fixer, as they will only charge you more than necessary. A trustworthy locksmith will require you to show identification and proof of ownership. In addition, make sure that the locksmith you choose has multiple services that will meet your needs. If they offer too many services, do not choose them. It is important to hire a commercial locksmith who has experience in the area of your property. A quality locksmith will be able to provide excellent service and be affordable. A reliable commercial locksmith will provide you with excellent service at a reasonable price. He should also be able to work with all kinds of locks and security systems. So, hire a reputable commercial locksmith to ensure the security of your property. Be sure to be sure that the locksmith you hire has credentials. Despite his or her reputation, it is still important to be aware of who you’re dealing with. You don’t want to be frustrated with an unprofessional locksmith. A professional locksmith will listen to your concerns and provide effective services. Moreover, a reliable locksmith will always ask for identification to make sure they’re a legitimate business.

5 Reasons to Hire Professional Chauffeur Services

Hiring professional chauffeur services can save you time. No more searching for lost keys or navigating a new city. You can focus on important work or activities. You can even make phone calls or read a book instead of worrying about parking. You won’t have to waste your precious time making small talk with your co-passengers. You can also spend quality time catching up on work or just relaxing. When you travel on business, time is money. If you have a long flight, you can’t afford to waste it waiting for a taxi. A reputable chauffeur companies in London can get you to your destination on time. While public transportation can leave you late, driving a private car can cause you to miss your flight. Plus, a chauffeur can keep a tab on the flight schedule so that you won’t have to worry about it.Chauffeur services save time. When you travel for business, you’re likely to have a long itinerary. Taking a taxi is an inconvenience, but hiring a professional chauffeur will ensure that you arrive at your destination on time. Besides, you’ll have plenty of time to do other things while your personal chauffeur is waiting for you. You can even relax on the ride to relax. A personal chauffeur service can make your business trip a success! Personal Chauffeur Services Can Save You Time. If you don’t have time to drive yourself, it’s easy to lose valuable productivity. While you’re waiting for the cab, you’re wasting your time, and you could be reading, working, or relaxing. Using a professional chauffeur service allows you to concentrate on the task at hand. And since you won’t have to worry about parking, you’ll have a more relaxed ride. Reputable chauffeurs have impeccable track records for getting clients to their destinations on time. Unlike public transport or driving your own vehicle, a reputable chauffeur service will check flight times and ensure you’ll arrive on time. When you need to travel, you can’t take risks. It’s important to make sure you’re on time. Otherwise, you risk being late for your flight. When you hire a professional chauffeur service, you won’t have to worry about these worries. When you’re travelling for business, you may need to make an impression and meet with clients. It’s essential to make a good impression. So, hiring a chauffeur service is a great way to minimize the stress of these situations. However, you should consider all the benefits of these services. You will be more confident with your appearance and feel more comfortable. Having a chauffeur is an important aspect of any event, and a professional driver can make the difference between a successful meeting and an unsuccessful one. Moreover, you can save time. There’s no need to be concerned about traffic, bad drivers or finding a parking space. A professional chauffeur will take care of all these. Besides, your time will be better spent on your work. If you are working on an important project, it’s best to have a driver who can handle the details. A professional chauffeur will give you more time to focus on your job. Chauffeur services can be extremely convenient and flexible. You don’t have to deal with the stress of parking, waiting for a taxi, or dealing with traffic. Besides, you can use the extra time you save by not having to worry about driving. And, of course, the chauffeur service can also be more affordable than renting your own car. So, why not take advantage of these benefits? It’s all about time. When you are traveling for work, you can’t afford to be late. Using public transportation or driving your own car can lead to delays. Chauffeur services have the experience to be on time and will check flight times for you. You can also avoid the inconvenience of being late for work. In addition to saving your time, you’ll be more productive. You’ll get to your destination on time without any hassle.

Beauty Tips For White And Shiny Skin In Homemade Remedies

Are you looking for Beauty Tips For White And Shiny Skin In Home Remedies? If your answer is yes, read on. There are different kinds of skin. It has different features and it requires different treatments. So follow certain guidelines while preparing home remedies. Firstly, ensure that the herbs or vegetables used in the recipe do not have contrasting properties. For example, you can’t use dandelion root on your face and eyes because both will cause allergies. The same thing goes with oregano oil and lavender. They tend to alter the characteristics of other ingredients. It’s best to use herbs and vegetable varieties which do not have any contrasting features.s Secondly, consider using only organic products. Organic means that no chemical additives were used in the growth process. Chemical additives can be very bad for your skin. You might be surprised to know that chemical additives have even caused serious problems for some people. So avoid such beauty tips for white and shiny skin in homemade recipes as they might end up worsening your condition. Thirdly, make sure to moisturize your skin properly. Beauty tips for white and shiny skin in home remedies often fail to mention this very important thing. So remember to apply a good moisturizing cream after every cleansing step. Fourthly, it’s important to use natural ingredients. Natural ingredients are safer to use than chemicals. So always choose organic beauty products. Also, it’s important to use high-quality ingredients like Cynergy TK and Phytessence Wakame. These ingredients can really enhance the production of collagen and elastin in your skin. Lastly, always keep a close watch on your diet. If you are still drinking alcohol, quit. Alcohol has the tendency to dry up your skin. If you are still smoking, then better stop now. These are beauty tips for white and shiny skin, but you should always remember that beauty comes from within and not just from makeup. The last but certainly not the least among these beauty tips for skin is to drink plenty of water. If you drink more water, your skin will feel moist and toned. This makes your skin look younger and fresher. Dry skinned people are often advised to drink more water during the day and maybe some liquids at night. The fifth and most important beauty tips for skin is to always avoid stress. Stress makes you age faster. So you should always find time to relax your mind and body. A simple way to relax is by taking deep breaths. So whenever you feel yourself getting stressed out, try doing breathing exercises. So those beauty tips for skin are quite helpful. They help you maintain a young and healthy looking skin. As mentioned above, they are always based on research and studies. Never trust them blindly.

How To Succeed With Digital Marketing For Art Galleries

For contemporary artist working in digital marketing for art galleries, there is a distinct advantage in using social networking sites as well as traditional media such as newspapers and magazines. The artwork online is a response to our contemporary culture that is filtered through digital lenses. Social networks like Facebook and MySpace are used not only by artists looking to engage their audiences, but also by business professionals looking for new clients. These sites are becoming an increasingly important source of revenue for online galleries, Visit Them on The Web as the number of visitors continues to rise on a daily basis. As this happens, businesses who seek to represent and engage their clientele will find themselves in the arms of digital reality. For contemporary artists working in digital marketing for art galleries, a social media presence may not be enough. It should include websites, blogs, YouTube and photo galleries. For artists who prefer to focus on visual culture, photo galleries provide an easy way to display their work while providing their audience with the opportunity to share it with others. Blogs are an incredibly popular way to connect with your fan base or simply discuss current events. As an added bonus, these sites are generally search engine friendly. These digital marketing for art galleries have proven successful at raising both brand awareness and revenue for both brands and artists. The digital marketing for art galleries associated with social media and website content creation has the potential to reach an unprecedented level of viewers. YouTube and Facebook are both valued by search engines and have become incredibly popular places to showcase your creative work. Artists can also take advantage of Facebook and Twitter lists to create fan pages that allow them to connect with fans and gain additional exposure. Influencer marketing is one of the most powerful forms of digital marketing for art galleries that works to bring you more fans, more business and more publicity. Artists who establish themselves as socially conscious and influential online can greatly benefit from becoming an influencer. Artists can use their influence to engage their fans in conversations that touch on their art and topics they are passionate about. For example, you could create a Facebook Group and invite other art lovers to connect. Encourage individuals to post comments, questions and even links to articles they may be reading on their various social media accounts. If you feel like you may be losing steam, you should definitely incorporate video into your marketing plan. It’s the latest trend, and there are some tremendous benefits to this form of marketing. Digital marketing for art galleries that utilize this strategy will allow you to turn a simple and effective statement into a viral marketing campaign. The most viral marketing campaigns include live videos, funny videos or personal testimonials. Hiring a creative and experienced digital marketing for art gallery can make it easier to get the word out about your organization while potentially driving an incredible amount of traffic to your website. Digital marketing for art galleries can provide a tremendous opportunity for artists looking to increase their audience and fan base. The internet is constantly changing and with it the methods by which people communicate. Artists need to be cognizant of how their social networking sites and promotional avenues can help them promote their art. If you feel like you need to step your business into the twenty-first century, digital marketing for art galleries is the perfect way to go.

Bathroom Design Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Bathroom design ideas should take into consideration what you have available in the space, and how you intend to use it. For instance, does your bathroom look like a blender? If so, then you will want a very open plan bathroom with plenty of floor space to work in and lots of light coming in from the windows. bathroom fitter in Cheltenham provides a top-quality services and On the other hand, if you love to cook, then you may want a kitchen island. This would allow you to put the blender and pots and pans on, while still providing a counter for washing up. The possibilities are endless! The smallest bathroom design for this year is a large one: you don t want as much bathroom storage as possible. The first small bathroom design for next year is going to be a large one: you want lots of floor space, plenty of lights and lots of storage. If you can’t afford to be big, then consider a wall hung or cabinet sink. These save lots of room but do not have the same look as a glass shower. The first small bathroom design for next year is going to be a large one: this time, you are going to want plenty of floor space, lots of lighting, plenty of storage and a really minimalist approach. The best way to get a minimalist bathroom is to remove most, if not all, cabinetry and wall furniture. Remove the smallest item from the bath and place them in storage underneath the bath, such as tissue paper and a washcloth set. Fill up this storage area with some kind of material that can easily fit into a corner. This could be fabric, or used wood such as a wood cabinet. Remember to keep the doors to the bath open – after all, the idea is to have a large bathroom, not a small one. Some ideas to keep in mind when looking at small bathrooms include the following: paint the walls a light color that will contrast nicely with the tile and add a modern bathmat or towel set. Look at using decorative bath rugs instead of regular rugs, which will add interest to the bathroom. You can also add small pieces of art that you can place on the walls. A popular choice for small bathrooms these days is to install a bidet. These often come with built in soap holders and a variety of water jets, and you can even add an electrical bidet. They usually have a built in shelf for holding toilet paper, but you can choose to use a wall shelf, which provides more storage space, or install a bookcase-style vanity so that your toiletries are out of the way. Bathroom vanities are also a great way to add style to a bathroom, since they take up very little room. When you’re looking for bathroom ideas for small bathrooms, it’s important to know what you’ll be using it for. Will you just be using it for shaving and a quick brush before going out for the evening? Or will it be a room that you frequent heavily so that you can keep it organized? It’s also a good idea to factor in the layout of the room when choosing your small bathroom furniture. Make sure that there is plenty of surface area, and that you won’t be bending down to pick up something.

What’s behind the SommerKunst logo?

Surely you’ve recognized it long ago: My logo consists of a version of the San Francisco skyline painted in oil. But what does San Francisco have to do with me and my art? First of all, there is the biographical explanation: I lived in San Francisco from 1996-1999 and traveled there several times for shorter or longer periods before and after. Well … actually I lived in the East Bay in Oakland and taught German there as a lecturer and German House Director at Mills College . But for me, Oakland and San Francisco felt closely linked and comparable to my current situation: living far out in Cologne on the right bank of the Rhine combined with the shopping and leisure opportunities in the city center on the left bank of the Rhine. For me, the city also has a symbolic meaning. On the one hand, it stands for the great adventure that I was always looking for as a young person and that I assumed to be far from home. It stands for the possibility of realizing a big dream, even if you have to leave a lot behind for it. It stands for the belief in your own path and the strength to go it. On the other hand, San Francisco also symbolizes an incredible variety and diversity of all facets of possible ways of life – ethnic, cultural, socio-cultural, sexual, religious, … – and above all their coexistence in peace and freedom. And here the circle closes: When I think of San Francisco, I think first and foremost of the people I saw, got to know and came to love there. If I look at my previous catalog raisonné, there are actually already 33 (sometimes several times) painted people that I have seen in San Francisco, 6 of whom I know personally. I have already made a complete San Francisco series of 10 works twice: in 2011 and 2015. In addition, I have painted the skyline three times. A large part of my artistic motivation comes from my experience in San Francisco in the 90s. And for me personally, San Francisco is ultimately a symbol of peace in the world despite all the differences. This may seem romanticizing to some and the city may be very different today – but this thought gives me strength. THE STORY BEHIND THE SUMMER ART LOGO You have certainly noticed that my logo shows the skyline of San Francisco painted in oil. But where is the connection between San Francisco and my art? First, there is a simple explanation in my bio: I lived in San Francisco from 1996-1999 and I traveled there several times before and after those years for shorter or longer periods of time. Well… actually I lived on campus at Mills College in the East Bay in Oakland, where I was working as a lecturer for German and as German House director. But to me, Oakland and San Francisco just felt as parts of the same story. Nowadays I feel very much reminded of this situation as I live in the far east of the city of Cologne – “on the wrong side” of the river Rhine as people say here – but spend a lot of time downtown as well shopping or partying on the other side. Apart from that, however, San Francisco has a symbolic meaning to me. On the one hand, it stands for the great adventure that I was seeking as a young adult and that I supposed to be located far away from home. It stands for the possibility to make a big dream come true even if you have to leave behind other beloved things or people. It stands for believing in your own way and trusting in your inner power to walk it. On the other hand, San Francisco is an incredible melting pot of diversity and all kinds of ways of living – ethnically, culturally, socioculturally, sexually, religiously, … And here the wheel turns full circle: when I think of San Francisco, above all , I think of all the people that I saw, met, and loved. And in my imagination, Looking back at my so far completed body of work, you can actually find 33 portraits of people I saw in San Francisco, six of which I personally know. Some of them I have even painted twice. And twice already I completed a full series of San Francisco paintings. 2011 and 2015, each one comprising 10 artworks. Furthermore I have painted the San Francisco skyline 3 times. A large part of my artistic motivation originates from my experience in San Francisco in the 90s. To me, this city and its people, the liberty and peace loving co-existence of all these individuals despite all their differences, can also symbolically be seen as a role model for the global peace of the world. You may call me an unrealistic dreamer now and the city may be completely different today – but I find power and comfort in these thoughts.

Series: How to Present Yourself Better in Texts – Writing Strategies for Artists (10)

10 Other general recommendations When you’ve read all of the parts of my series about writing for better artist marketing, you’ll have a good idea of ​​what is important. In today’s last part of the series, I’ll give you some very general tips that you can apply to all types of text mentioned so far. So now take another look at all the texts that you may have already written and check them against the following checklist. Anyway, it is always good advice to let a written text rest for a while and revise it later. Checklist: In short: In any case – regardless of the actual length of the text – less is usually more! Avoid lengthy explanations, avoid unnecessarily many filler words, get to the point quickly. Above all, avoid repetitions, even if they were phrased differently, but in the end only mean the same thing. Instead, spice up your text with meaningful adjectives. No superlatives: Avoid phrases like “the best”, “unique”, “never seen before”. That sounds implausible. Write real content and describe real benefits. Optics: make your text clear! The longer it is, the more important thematically ordered paragraphs and structuring words (= especially bullet points and conjunctions) such as: first / second / third, also, finally, both / and, however, although, so that etc. Grammatical style: Write variedly in terms of choice of words and sentence structure. Above all, make sure that not too many sentences start alike. Use the passive voice only rarely or not at all. Active language is much more appealing. Content style: Write understandably! Choose a language that is easy to understand. Avoid too many foreign words or insider terms, avoid nested sentences. Other style: If you want to choose a gender-appropriate language, read my detailed blog article from Oct. 11, 2017: “A small introduction to inclusive language for writing about art.” Linguistic correctness: Even if you can of course correct your spelling and grammar at any point as soon as you notice a mistake, the most important thing at the end is to read your text well again and again and again. You often don’t see the forest for the trees. Maybe you can give your text to someone else to look over it. Layout: When your text is ready, make it visually appealing. Warning: This does not mean that you should also act out your creativity here! Text that is too colorful and with too much formatting or an unusual font often appears confusing and less appealing. Document form: And finally, think carefully about HOW you will send your finished texts if you plan to do so. A PDF document can be very inconvenient for recipients because you cannot simply copy it. If your text is needed for an exhibition catalog, for example, then the best thing to do is simply write it into the email. You should also avoid unnecessary formatting (e.g. bold print, special fonts or built-in paragraphs), as they usually have to be removed at the end anyway. Show your creativity in your art, but not in the appearance of your texts! Last but not least, a professional external image is very important: Anyone who has the time and digital competence should have their own website on which each selection committee can easily and always up-to-date information about the artist. Here you can present your artistic biography and your artistic statement as well as your vita to a wide audience. Anyone who has never created their own website should seek advice on content and design in order to avoid typical beginner mistakes. But that’s a completely different topic again ..

Series: How to present yourself better in texts – Writing strategies for artists (9)

9 texts for the exhibition You finally got the exhibition space! The effort of the application process was worth it. But not all work is done yet. Because even at the exhibition site there is one or the other that you have to write down. speech Surely the first thing you think of is a speech. However, you only need to prepare it yourself if it is a solo exhibition and there is no one else at the exhibition site who will hold it. It can also happen that the speaker is not too well prepared, for example at a solo exhibition in a town hall, where someone from the city has agreed to speak but is not really used to talking about art. In these cases, you need to prepare yourself. However, it is difficult to give “instructions” for this. Every exhibition venue, every audience is different. I would therefore like to limit myself to a few general recommendations at this point: Be prepared for your audience – in most cases quite mixed. Avoid too intellectual speech and don’t brag about insider knowledge from the art world and art history. Just be yourself. Most people are very fond of authentic presentations. Make sure to include some humorous aspects, perhaps an anecdote. If you want to thank people, you should definitely know their full names and pronounce them correctly. Write down keywords and practice your speech. Everything else – including the actual content – is a matter of taste. Labels There are two important principles for designing labels for your artwork: Make it uniform and easy to read. Be sure to write a contact option (e.g. telephone number, email address, website) and a clear identification of the work of art (number or title) on each label. So guests can easily take a quick cell phone photo for later if interested. Flyer It’s always good when guests can take something home. A professional flyer with photos and text about your art is a great option. You can design the flyer independently of the current exhibition so that you can display it on several exhibitions. Information signs Sometimes you need a sign for certain purposes, e.g. if you want to refer to a guest book or your mailing list. Since it is always the worst to judge whether signs are seen and understood without asking, you should test your signs on a few good friends and take their suggestions for improvement seriously.