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Why do I still have to be able to write now?

When you write about yourself and your art, you create the basis for good self-marketing. You learn to structure your thoughts. You will learn to differentiate between the various external demands placed on artists. You learn to give answers to questions. And you learn about professional public image. And you are sure to learn how to keep improving your marketing.

>> Congratulations! I am happy for you! Then you don’t need to read any further. However, my experience tells me that most artists are not like you and that they would like to sell more.

>> It’s like that for very, very many artists. You might be surprised to read when I tell you that I myself had this problem for many years and couldn’t say a single word about my art that I thought was worthy. But I can also tell you: You can learn that! For example, by following this series attentively and thus basically getting on the road. As an introduction, in which I tell about my journey and how I learned to talk about art:

>> Sure, you do what you think is right. And of course you can just ask someone else, maybe even hire a professional for a fee to do these things for you if you have the change. In any case, you should be sure that you can trust this other person to present yourself the way you want. And even if you don’t write your texts yourself, you should be able to judge whether they are good and consistent for you. So you don’t have to worry about at least a few thoughts.

>> I don’t want to rule out that this can happen. And if you work with a gallery, then you will orientate yourself to their rules and procedures and adapt. Galleries have a completely different perspective and open up the market in a completely different way. Some of them work with their own name and the name of the artist only comes second. But as long as you make sure that you present and sell your art, you can’t avoid talking about yourself and your art.


If you think now that it can’t hurt to learn a little more about writing texts for artist presentations, then I look forward to seeing you as a reader of my series, which will be published in loose order over the next few weeks and months here in summer K unstBlog will appear. And I look forward to your comments and additional recommendations!

Nina Davis

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