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When it comes to commercial building projects, the advantages of using concrete over other materials are many. Some of them include low maintenance, durability, energy efficiency, and cost. You’ll want to choose the best type of concrete for your building project. If you’re not sure what type of concrete to use, consult a professional builder click formwork Melbourne contractors website.


A concrete building is a long-lasting, sturdy, and highly durable structure. It can sustain more than a century of continuous use. The durability of a concrete building is dependent on its admixtures. These are compounds that improve the material’s properties and enhance its durability. With proper admixtures, concrete can be used in any climate and in any building project.

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Low maintenance

The construction industry has long been a popular place to use concrete. Its durability and low maintenance are among its most appealing features. It also allows you to apply a variety of different finishes to buildings, whether you need a durable finish for a home or a high-end, elegant façade. Concrete can simulate almost any type of surface, from wood to bricks. Furthermore, it is extremely versatile and can carry out the design plans of a building seamlessly.

Energy efficiency

Using concrete as a construction material is a great way to reduce energy costs and create a sustainable building. Unlike other building materials, concrete will not lose heat over time and will help insulate the area. In addition, it will reduce the amount of energy needed to operate an HVAC system, which will result in lower energy bills. This will also minimize the carbon footprint of the building.


One way to save money on a commercial building project is by using ready-mix concrete. This material is available from a variety of providers and can be delivered by a cement truck. However, the cost of concrete delivery varies significantly. Some providers charge up to $100 per cubic yard, while others charge as little as $5 per cubic foot. It’s also possible to purchase bags of concrete to save money on small jobs.

Types of concrete

There are various types of concrete used in commercial building projects. These include volumetric concrete, air-entrained concrete, and standard concrete. Volumetric concrete is especially useful for large-scale projects. Other types include ferro-cement concrete, bacterial concrete, pumped concrete, roller-compacted concrete, and smart concrete. The type of concrete you need will depend on your building project and the climate it will be exposed to. For example, if your building is located in a place where the weather changes frequently, you will need an air-entrained concrete type.


Concrete is an excellent building material for a variety of commercial building projects. Not only is it extremely strong, but it is also durable and energy efficient. It is also environmentally friendly, reducing the amount of debris produced during demolition. Furthermore, concrete has low maintenance costs and is recyclable, making it a great choice for construction projects.

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